Past Events: 2022

What People Say

“I am at the conference giving a few presentations. I think that EMC and Compliance International is a very interesting conference because it is very practical with very experienced, professional speakers in attendance. More than just academic research, it is what I like to call real life, real world EMC.

“It is great to be here to talk and connect with people, and I think it is a great event to attend to be honest.”

Andy Degraeve, The Limit Line Ltd

“This is my first time at the show and the best thing about it was getting the chance to showcase our company, our products and hear from the industry and see what it is doing.

“We have had a lot of great opportunities and spoken to new customers that we would not have otherwise spoken to about how we can help them enhance what they can do as an offering to their customers. The number of leads that we have gotten is fantastic and the show has more than paid for itself.”

Peter Davenport, Lambda

“We came to EMC and Compliance International since it is the only show of its type in the UK.

“The show has been good and it has been good to speak to other people in the industry and broaden my own knowledge. It’s great that you get people coming here with a real interest in what we are doing, so it is a good chance get our name out there.”

Edigbe Ubido, NTD

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